About The Conference

This year’s Conference is unprecedented on so many levels. This is the first for PeLS to hold the conference in a VIRTUAL environment! The global health crisis of 2020 pushed humanity into unconventional ways of doing things. The pandemic shook economies, affected businesses, and created a huge disruption in the education system. Even the most developed countries had to shift and are continually shifting strategies in every possible and swift way. The education sector had to speed up its adjustment to the new way of teaching and learning.

Policy makers, education professionals, school administrators, teachers, learners and parents had to come up with creative ways to cope up with the crisis as rapidly as possible. Hence this year, the conference aims to curate real life experiences, identify the best practices, celebrate successes and learn from shortcomings in order to fill in the gaps and come up with workable solutions. On the bright side of things, the crisis has stimulated innovation on a wider scale. We will also attempt to look at the digital upsurge in the education sector and make sense of all these.

Specifically, the Conference aims to be a venue for free discourses on:
  • the most crucial and pressing needs in the education sector while navigating the new normal;
  • redesigning better system of education to meet the needs of all the stakeholders;
  • timely policy reforms to address the challenges and prepare stakeholders for a future-proof education system;
  • the need to deal with issues such as mental health, accessibility, social divide, educational inequality brought about by the on-going global health issues and beyond.