About Us

About the Philippine
eLearning Society

The Philippine eLearning Society (PeLS) was founded on July 30, 2003 in Manila with the objective of promoting substantive content, appropriate pedagogy, and appropriate use of technology for eLearning, guided by ongoing research activities. PeLS' founders are the elearning pioneers who organized the first national elearning conference a year earlier. PeLS serves as a venue for: Promoting research on the effective use of eLearning, Sharing of eLearning experiences, Developing standards of excellence, Promoting interoperability of eLearning systems, Encouraging collaboration in the development of substantive content, Cooperating with international eLearning groups, and Promoting public awareness and appreciation of the nature and uses of eLearning.


PeLS aims to be recognized as a premier professional organization in establishing leadership in innovative eLearning practices in the ASEAN Region.


PeLS exists to lead the advancement of eLearning practice in the academe and industry through professional development opportunities and collaboration